The second Round Table with Software Craftsmanship New York was hosted in the fancy office space of DiMassimo Goldstein ( Uma and Marc were very kind hosts and had a very good atmosphere in their meeting room spiced up with delicious pizza, beer and soda.

Disclaimer: I am super tired as I am writing this blogpost so it might be that I leave something important out. In this case, please comment, and I’ll adjust, thank you for your understanding!

We started with Lightning Talks

Dan: Stan the statistics programming language

Li-Hsuan: The image of a developer

Rafael: Mentorship & Apprenticeship

Balint: Handling time in a testable way

Then we voted on these Discussion Topics

Wrangling with big refactoring

Tips and tricks around how to deal with a big refactoring.

  • We have to make a difference between redesign and refactoring
  • Minimise, or if possible avoid keeping the same functionality in two different version at the same time
  • Write system level tests first (baby step on top level) then make it green on the lower level

Mentorship & Apprenticeship & Improving Software Craftsmanship New York

  • Finding mentors and apprentices is not easy - needs commitment from both ends - it’s probably the most natural at the workplace
  • It definitely pays off to learn through mentorship
  • Li-Hsuan shared his experiences at 8th Light
    • he was an apprentice and had apprentices
    • dealing with the apprentice takes daily commitment
    • every apprentice is unique and motivated by different learning methods and environments
  • We mentioned craftsmanship-swaps
  • We agreed to start work on a wiki/blog which will be owned by the community, Balint volunteered to create the initial bootstrap
  • After we’ll finalise the way we’d like to have mentorship, we can have a mentor-mentee speed-matching event!

It was great fun and inspiration. I created the Github organisation for us, please send me a note to either @balopat on twitter, a comment here, or through meet up, and then I’ll add you as a member, only criteria is that you have to be a SCNY member on

I am going to create the blog tonight/tomorrow using Jekyll, and we can use the wiki I guess for brainstorming around our mentorship & apprenticeship principles.

Thank you again everyone for yesterday!

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