Blogging again

A bit late but I’ll start blogging in 2014 too! I was originally blogging on a commercial blogging host, but then I realized that for the frequency I blog (see all posts…), probably the $150/year does not worth it. So I exported and imported my blogposts to…But for some reaason it’s not for me. Then after long long waiting and loads of healthy procrastination, finally I started to port my blog to github pages. And voila, this is the first post. I am using Jekyll to generate and test locally the blog, Github Pages hosts it for free and the theme is the modern Jekyll theme HPSTR. It took some time to wire up everything, and I’ll have to brush up the older blogposts, but all in all it’s an awesome toolkit.

Software Craftsmanship New York

Since my last blogpost I co-founded Software Craftsmanship New York on meetup: The prezi for the opening meetup is here:

The whole idea is based on Sandro Mancuso’s London Software Craftsmanship Community, I hope we can create something similarly awesome!


In my “free time” I am helping actively a brand new Hungarian startup for crash-management and making stacktraces awesome,, which we co-founded with Arpad Tamasi a few years ago, but his wife Reni, and himself were the ones, who actually took it to the next level while I was roaming around in the world. It’s awesome to spend some common thinking time with them again!

That’s all for now, I will not promise this time anything like ‘one post a month’. You’ll see if I post again anyway ;)

Jepsen and InfluxDB, Chapter II. Where is InfluxDB on the CAP scale?

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How to prove that your parallel code works?

Published on December 13, 2015